Lateral Pelvic Tilt (or Drop)

Lateral pelvic tilting (dropping on the unsupported side) during midstance prevents an excessive rise in the body's center of gravity.

If the pelvis does not drop, the COG's position is somewhat higher during midstance, and the COG's total vertical amplitude is greater.

lateral pelvic drop

The pelvis drops abruptly on the unsupported side at initial contact, then recovers.

0 % L initial contact
50 % R initial contact
100 % L initial contact

graph of lateral pelvic drop
The data are from a gait laboratory. The subject's pelvis appears to rise and fall in the frontal plane around an angle that does not equal zero. This may reflect an unlevel pelvis, or it may reflect the way the researchers' placed reflective markers on the subject's two ASIS.

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