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May 2004, Case 405-1. Quiz set! Click here to see.

A 54 year-old woman with headache and vomiting 

Clinical information The patient was a 54 year-old woman with a history of diabetes. She developed vomiting and frontal headache for two days. As per the descriptions of her family members, she had a few episodes of starring into the left and was unresponsive. The patient described that she could remember all these episodes clearly. On physical examination, the patient was well oriented and alert. There was no weakness in the extremities, ophthalmoplegia, diploopia, reduced visual acuity or facial weakness. A mass was identified on imaging [click here to see radiology]. A surgery was performed and representative photographs of the specimens are illustrated below.

 Com405-1-1.gif (149555 bytes)Com405-1-2.gif (131817 bytes)Com405-1-3.gif (118853 bytes)Com405-1-4.gif (156701 bytes)Com405-1-5.gif (151984 bytes)Com405-1-6.gif (194609 bytes)Com405-1-7.gif (156505 bytes)Com405-1-8.gif (136234 bytes)Click thumbnaisls to see pictures.

Panel F to H are intraoperative cytologic preparations (squash preparation). Panel I and J are intraoperative frozen sections. Panel K to M are paraffin sections stained by hematoxylin-eosin.

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