Department of Pathology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Anaplastic Astrocytoma (WHO III/IV)

FNA0IE06-AnaAst-A3.gif (138821 bytes) FNA0IE06-AnaAst-A2.gif (147085 bytes) FNA0IE07-Ast-A4.gif (143659 bytes) Click on thumbnails to see enlarged pictures.

Panel A: In comparison to diffuse astrocytoma (WHO grade II/IV), anaplastic astrocytoma have increased pleomorphism, enlarged nuclei, and most importantly, increased proliferative activity that is reflected as increased mitotic activity. A mitotic figure figure (arrow) is present in this field. There should be no necrosis or endothelial proliferation in anaplastic astrocytoma. The presence of either or both are suggestive of worse biological behavior.

Panel B and C: Anaplastic astrocytoma is, more than often, associated with increased in cellularity in comparison to astrocytoma (WHO grade II/IV). Panel B is taken from an anaplastic astrocytoma and Panel C is taken from an astrocytoma (WHO grade II/IV) for comparison; both photos are taken at same magnification. 

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